Grafted Avocado Tree  (1 Gallon)

Grafted Avocado Tree (1 Gallon)

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Hi everyone, we have sold out of trees until summer 2021.  We received so many preorders over the winter that all our current inventory is spoken for.  Our 2021 inventory will be mature enough to ship in summer 2021.


Grafted avocado trees of various cultivars: Simonds, Doni, Oro Negro, Brogdan, Choquette, Monroe, Hall, Lula.  If there's a particular variety you want ask and we will try and source it for you.


Trees are 1 Gallon size which means they're around a year old and the grafts have been on for about 2 months.

  • Care Instructions

    These trees are bagged in damp moss and need to be opened imediately upon receipt and planted in potting soil.