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Sleepy Lizard Avocado Farm

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Sleepy Lizard Avocado Farm

At Sleepy Lizard we grow Florida avocados.  Also known as the Green avocado, Florida avocados grow larger and contain significantly less fat than the more common Hass avocado you find at your local market.  After spending just about the whole year on the tree our fruit matures in November and we go to market.

We are located in the Florida Everglades and maintain the original rustic setting that goes back to when our grove was planted.  While our primary focus is avocado cultivation we also offer agrotourism and guided Everglades day tours: bass fishing, cycling, hiking, and kayaking.

In addition to avocados we grow a large variety of tropical fruits so there is always something ripe and ready to eat all year long. Come check us out some day. 

“The avocado is a fruit without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise.” 

- David Fairchild -

Avocado Cultivars

We grow 5 types of avocados

Four of our varieties mature in November.  Known as Monroe, Choquette, Hall, and Lula, these cultivars are delicious in recipes or sliced and eaten plain.

Our early season cultivar is also our largest.  The Simmonds avocado matures in late spring and some of them exceed three pounds.  

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