Avocado Scion Wood 5-pack

Avocado Scion Wood 5-pack


Hi Everyone,  


Unfortunatley we had a house fire in November 2020 and had to live in a hotel for 7 months.  Our power was shut off to the farm the entire time and as a result I was unable to plant and care for new inventory.  Rebuilding the house and getting our lives back in order did not leave enough time and focus to keep up with the online nursery business.


I had to let all my certifications and inspections expire so i'm unable to ship trees and cuttings right now.  I plan to get all the paperwork done so we can be back up and running spring of 2023.


Luckily I run my grove off a diesel pump so my fruit business was unaffected by the fire.  We are grateful to our customers who buy our fruit because that really kept us afloat last year.


I apologize for your frustration. 





  • Care Instructions

    We wrap the scions in grafting tape and ship in damp moss.  We recommend you imediately open and refridgerate your package upon receipt.  Keep the sions in the plastic back and damp moss while storing.  While scion wood can be stored in the refridgerator for 2-3 weeks we recommend that you graft your trees within 2 days of recieving your package for best results.

    Remove the grafting tape prior to grafting to your seedling.