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Exotic Russell Avocados 8lb box (July)

Exotic Russell Avocados 8lb box (July)


Sorry Everyone, the Russel season is short and they are in high demand.  We are picked clean of Russell until July 2023.



Russell avocados are a rare long necked variety prized in the Carribbean for their smooth texture and creamy flavor.  We have a very short window during the months of July and August to offer this exotic tropical fruit to our customers.  At over 10 times the size of a typical Hass you find in the supermarket each Russell provides enough avocado to feed 4 or 5 people.


Each box contains 3 to 4 Russell avocados totally 8 - 10lbs in weight.  Serve Russells at your next party and people will be talking about them for years!

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