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Lychee 5lb box (includes shipping)

Lychee 5lb box (includes shipping)

SKU: lychee1

Our customers have been asking for lychees for years and we are finally able to offer this delicious and highly desireable fruit online.  Our in-person cusotmers always joke that no matter how many pounds they buy they never buy enough. Often they eat the whole batch on the drive home.  If you think potato chips are addictive try eating just one lychee!


Unlike our other fruit Lychee need to be shipped overnight.  I need to get them off our trees and to your doorstep as fast as possible.  For that reason we hold our orders until Wednesday then we pick and ship for Thursday arrival.  Any orders after noon on Wednesdays will be held until the following week.


The $120 price includes 5lbs of lychee at $12/lb plus $60 for UPS 1 day shipping.


You are going to love this fruit!

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