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Mango 10lb free shipping *cannot ship to California

Mango 10lb free shipping *cannot ship to California

SKU: guac06

NOTE: The state of California is not permitting importation of Florida mangos at this time.


Get your delcious Florida mangos before the season ends.  If you like the mangos in your local supermarket you'll love our Florida varieties!  


We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays and our fruit goes right from the tree to the box to your doorstep.


2024 has been a very light mango crop so some of the varieties you're used to seeing are not available.  We hope the trees make up for it next year!


Get yours today!


For 2024 season the crop has been very light, the lighest we've ever seen.  The market price for mango is high which is why this year's price is so much more than last year.




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