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Monstera Fruit 3 pack

Monstera Fruit 3 pack


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Fruit from the Monstera Deliciosa is one of the tastiest and most unique flavors i've tried.  They call Monstera the fruit salad plant because when ripe it's fruit makes your whole kitchen smell like fruit salad.  Frequently described as a cross between pineapple and banana the monstera is a must try for tropical fruit lovers.


You have to allow the fruit to ripen properly at room temperature on your kitchen counter.  If consumed too early the fruit will burn your mouth.  Each day your monstera will open about an inch at a time.  You eat only the open porition and wait for the next day to eat more.


Both these videos explain in more detail:


For those of you experiencing sticker shock:  This is a very expensive fruit.  Before you yell at me for the price I ask that you shop around and see what other people charge.

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